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What is a Spam Call?

One of the most common problems mobile phone users experience is incoming calls from unknown numbers and unwanted calls. The number of spam calls has increased substantially in recent years, partly due to web-based technologies enabling an SMS or call to reach thousands of people simultaneously at low cost.

Spam messages or unwanted phone calls are disturbing. And it isn’t easy to check whether such calls originate from a genuine company or not. However, there are software solutions available to protect against spam calls and unknown numbers, as this article explains. But first…

What are spam calls and SMS?

Spam calls can be described as frequent voice calls (for any purpose) made without the receiver’s consent. Those purposes include marketing, advertising, notifying or fraud. Calls about credit cards, consumer loans, discounts, subscriptions or charity requests are the most common examples. Similarly, spam SMS messages are texts of the same nature sent to phones without the receiver’s permission.

Spam calls have detrimental consequences, one of them being the disturbance of the recipient’s daily life due to the heavy load of unwanted incoming calls. Blocking numbers on the recipient’s device to prevent this situation is not a permanent solution – it’s pretty easy to use different lines to make calls, especially through the internet.

Another consequence is the impact of fraud. In the Global Spam Call Report 2021, Turkey is in the top 20 countries, with Brazil in first place. As per the report, 44% of spam calls relate to financial services like banking and loans, with 39% relating to promotions and subscriptions. 16.9% includes fake calls – that is – fraudulent phone calls.

How can you avoid phone fraud?

Phone fraud doesn’t target a specific audience. So anyone using a cell phone, old or young, is a potential victim. It’s difficult to detect whether a call or a text contains danger or not. The first method to try when receiving an incoming call from an unknown number is to carry out a check on the number itself.

Via the ‘unknown number check process’, you can see whether numbers are genuine or not. But checking all those numbers not listed in your contacts one by one is time-consuming. The best way to protect yourself from phone fraud is to use special software to filter the numbers not listed in your contacts and instantly run a check on all of them. Getcontact is an easy and effective solution.

What is Getcontact? And how can you use it?

Getcontact is an app designed for blocking unwanted calls and identifying the caller. It helps prevent annoying spam calls and is a security measure against fake calls.

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