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The Lives We Touch Series: Part 1

“It was the bank’s own phone number, I couldn’t understand.”

“They said if I would not pay, they would cut off the power. So, I panicked.”

“He said he was a prosecutor, I got scared and believed him”…

You may have often heard such words recently. In fact, maybe you’re the one who said such words. It seems normal when phone scammers have tightened the circle this much, and everyone receives dozens of calls and messages from unknown numbers every day. But of course, it is not normal. The figures also confirm this aggressive increase in daily life. A study conducted in the United States reported that the number of spam calls received in 2021 was 118% greater than in 2020.*

In the “Lives We Touch” series, we aim to share the stories from Getcontact users around the world, increase awareness and make this mobile age we live in safer.

A user, who bought a mobile phone online but became a victim of fraud, explains how he survived this situation with Getcontact:

Hi, I want to tell you about something that happened to me. I bought a smartphone online and only used it for 2 weeks. I didn’t drop the phone or anything, but the phone broke. I took it to my friend to check it out, and when he opened and examined the phone, he said that the parts weren’t original. All parts in the phone were brought in from China, and this phone was repaired several times. When I called the salesman, he said the phone had never been repaired and was not broken. Then I found out this guy had a couple more accounts in XXX, and he was selling other phones and phone parts. Then I talked to the guy again and asked him to take the phone back, and repay at least half the money. He did not accept. Now, I don’t have a phone or money anymore.

Be very cautious. I queried his number in the Getcontact app and found out the vendor’s real name and surname. So, I found all of his social media accounts. Now, I’m gonna get my due back this way.

Russia, Google Play

Another Getcontact user tells his story of how he and his family cut loose from phone scammers who represented themselves as police by querying the phone number.

Thank you, Getcontact! My mother almost sent money to a scammer today. The scammer said he was a cop and they arrested my brother and we had to send money for the procedures. I told my mom to check her phone number with Getcontact and BAMM!! The phone number was a scam😁 Shortly afterwards, my brother was normally at home. Thank you for saving our money 😍😍

Indonesia, Google Play

The target group of scammers cover all ages and occupational groups. In another story, phone scammers mimic a corporate bank, but the Getcontact user quickly solves the problem without any unjust suffering:

Someone called me the other day and said in a polite tone that he was an employee of XXX. Then, he said someone was trying to withdraw money from my card. He asked me if I did this procedure and if I had my card, etc. Then, he asked me how much money I had in all my cards. Then, I looked directly at the phone and CAUTION! I’ve looked at how this phone number was defined! The number was labeled as ‘XXX scammer’. After that, our conversation continued in a different way. Thanks for your help Getcontact! This app has saved me many times. I recommend downloading it. It saves you a lot of time and saves you from unwanted calls. Be very careful! Don’t give any information to the callers.

Russia, Google Play

You can also download the Getcontact app for safety of your own and your loved ones, and you can easily be protected from spam calls and phone scammers. You can download Getcontact from Google Play and App Store to start using it immediately. Getcontact is compatible not only for mobile devices but also for desktop computers. Visit for details.

*2021 Spam Call Trends, First Orion


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