How Getcontact’s New Features Make Your Life Easier

Find all the features you need to stay organized, stay in contact with your network, and maintain your privacy with the Getcontact app.

Sarah is always busy running her own business. Her cell phone is ringing off the hook all day long. She is constantly flying across the country to meet with clients, and she can hardly keep up with all the new business she’s getting. She admits that these are good problems to have, but running a business is hard work! Luckily, she has Getcontact.

Getcontact’s assistant service helps Sarah keep track of all her incoming calls. On her six hour flights from San Francisco to New York, clients can leave her voicemails on Getcontact, which she dutifully answers after she lands. Thanks to Getcontact’s missed call service, she knows exactly who called her even though her phone was in airplane mode for the flight–whether they leave a voicemail or not. Getcontact’s caller ID service shows her the identity of new callers, letting her know when she’s receiving a potential new business call and whether or not a phone number is suspicious. Because her business phone number is public, Getcontact also keeps her free of hounding robo-calls with its spam-blocker. Sarah swears that having the Getcontact app is like having a free secretary.

What is Getcontact?

Getcontact is, at its foundations, a spam-blocker and caller ID app, but it offers so much more than that. Getcontact is increasingly becoming the way more and more people communicate with each other and keep their communication organized and secure.  Maintaining this level of security and trust, Getcontact is now working on even more ways to make life easier for its users.

Getcontact’s new features make staying on top of your communication easier than ever before.

Assistant Service

One of the most frustrating things about cell phones is that they don’t register missed calls when your phone is off or out of service. If you’re on a plane, your phone has died, or you’re in a place without cell phone service, when you get service again, your phone won’t tell you that an important business contact has tried to call you six times!

Getcontact’s new assistant service rectifies this issue. With Getcontact, when your phone is off or out of service, the Getcontact app will still keep track of your missed calls and show you who called you, when, and how many times. In this way, Getcontact acts as your call manager, making sure you never miss important correspondence.

Getcontact’s new assistant service is only available in the US for now, but it also includes a voicemail service.


If you’re looking for a handy voicemail saver, Getcontact has you covered. Getcontact’s new assistant service will not only keep track of all your missed calls, but also give anyone who calls you the option to leave you a voicemail. Your voicemails are easy to listen to through the Getcontact app, and you can save them for later, keeping you organized and on top of all your calls.

Although the voicemail service, along with the assistant service, is only available in the US for now, Getcontact has numerous internationally-available features to help you maintain your privacy and keep up with the people you want to talk to.

Caller ID and Spam-blocker

Getcontact’s prime features are its famous caller ID and spam-blocker. Getcontact’s spam-blocker is one of its most popular features. Getcontact uses a mixture of user feedback and other information to block what are likely spam calls. Getcontact is constantly analyzing thousands of calls in order to detect junk callers, and in 2022 alone, Getcontact prevented over 462 million unwanted calls. Getcontact is dedicated to your privacy and security, and provides robust protection against fake calls, telemarketers, scammers, and potential fraud.

Simply activate Getcontact’s spam filters and you’ll be notified if you receive an unwanted call. You can also report and block unwanted calls which strengthens protection for the greater Getcontact community.

Chats and Channels

Getcontact also offers Chats and Channels to keep you in contact with your network. Getcontact’s chats offer end-to-end encryption and privacy-enhanced chats, ensuring that you can communicate securely. Chat with your friends across the country or across the world and always be assured of your privacy.

The Channels feature allows you to create your own communities, subscribe and follow other people’s channels, post and get notifications about channels you subscribe to. This feature has vast potential for workplaces, friend groups, prominent figure. In the age of information there is power in communication. Explore Getcontact’s channels and see where they bring you.

Getcontact and You

Getcontact gives you numerous ways to access. You can download the Getcontact app, or use Getcontact web from your computer. On Getcontact web you can do a phone number search, perfect for situations where you want to be sure about who you’re calling. Getcontact web offers a quick and easy QR code login which connects to the app on your phone, giving you easy access to all that Getcontact offers.

Whether through your computer or through your phone, Getcontact makes it easy to connect with the world in a secure, transparent and organized way. From its assistant services, to its spam-blocking, to its chats and channels, Getcontact is quickly becoming an industry leader in secure communication services.


Check out all of Getcontact’s features and let Getcontact make your life easier.

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