Getcontact Proudly Launches It’s First TV Commercial In Indonesia

Getcontact, the leading mobile app for identifying unknown callers, is proud to announce the launch of its new TV advertising campaign in Indonesia.

The commercial, released on all Indonesian national TV channels on March 4, 2021, is based on the company’s slogan: “Know Who Is Calling Before You Say Hello.” This innovative approach to caller identification will help Indonesians protect their privacy and avoid spam and scam calls.

For this campaign, Getcontact worked with BBDO Indonesia, a leading global agency. The main character was played by famous comedian and presenter Gita Bhebhita. The commercial has become a wide-ranging campaign supported by influencer collaborations, performance marketing and different creative assets for each social media channel.


Know Who Is Calling Before You Say Hello

The commercial takes place in the living room of an Indonesian family. It starts with a mother receiving a phone call. After she picks up the phone, a fraudster says that her child was involved in a car accident and that she needs to send money for hospital expenses.

Since she has the Getcontact app, she knows the caller is a scammer – and this is where the fun begins. The mother starts laughing at the fraudster, saying, “Nevermind, I have one more child!” The hashtag of the campaign is #KetahuiSiapaSebelumSapa, which means ‘know who is calling before you say hello.’

Campaign performance

The main goal of the advertising campaign was to introduce the “Caller ID” feature of the Getcontact application in a humorous way. Overall, the campaign was a great success in raising awareness of Getcontact and its features.

The commercial, including TV and digital views, reached people more than 500 million times. It was well-received by the public and generated a lot of excitement. The ad contains sarcastic and cynical elements, while the story addresses a common type of fraud that can happen to anyone in Indonesia – which is why people can empathize.

Even though the campaign addresses a serious issue, it still manages to be lighthearted and entertaining. This combination of humor and seriousness makes the ad very effective. By creatively addressing a relatable problem, the ad will stay with viewers long after they have finished watching it.

The ad was a big hit on social media, in particular. It went viral on TikTok, with over 14,000 videos posted – and it also received much attention on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Getcontact won two awards for its Indonesian TV campaign

Getcontact’s first TV commercial was recently awarded first place in the Viral and Cultural subcategories of the ‘Video’ category at the MUSE Creative Awards 2022.




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