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Can Unknown Numbers Cause a Security Problem?

Statista reports that people lost $19.7 billion due to spam calls in the US alone in 2020.* This figure was $10.5 billion in the previous year. Although there are several reasons for this increase, it’s clear that the pandemic was one of the major factors.

During this period, we encountered various phone scams for the first time with scammers using subjects such as vaccination, travel permits, and social security to con people.

While the implications of coronavirus continue in telecommunications security, as in every sphere of life, the number of robocalls, telemarketing calls, phone scams and spam calls continues to rise. As a result, the number of people seeking solutions also increases daily.

A worldwide success story

Getcontact is one of the fastest-growing mobile applications globally. Since its establishment, the app has proven incredibly successful in blocking spam calls. It offers security-oriented solutions for users who are dealing with ever-increasing phone scam incidents arising from the pandemic.

In 2020, the most intense time of this global emergency, Getcontact prevented more than 500 million malicious calls and SMS messages to keep users safe from potentially fraudulent activity. The application, which continues to grow and develop, reached 200 million users in 2021.

Getcontact is ranked first among the free apps in the App Store in Russia and has achieved more downloads than Instagram and WhatsApp in Central Asia and countries in the Far East. App download rates have also reached 25 million in the App Store and 157 million via Google Play. Getcontact draws its strength from its users who contribute to the app with caller verification information.

Through its services and comprehensive features, Getcontact offers advantages for both individuals and enterprises. Users can get started for free and upgrade to a paid Premium plan or tariff options to unlock advanced features.


Getcontact’s standard features include:


  • Running an unknown number enquiry within seconds for numbers not listed in contacts.
  • Prevention of annoying messages and calls by filtering out unknown numbers and blocking unwanted calls.
  • Trust score enquiry service which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to obtain information about phone numbers – enabling users to be informed before engaging with a caller or text message.
  • A safe chat experience through Getcontact Messenger for increased privacy and the ability to reach anywhere in the world free of charge.
  • Easy management from a single point to deal with phone scammers and annoying spam calls.


Getcontact’s Premium plan offers:


  • 3-month call statistics for your phone number.
  • Ads-free usage.
  • The option to check who has viewed your tags (information that you attach to other users’ profiles to help inform the Getcontact community).
  • The addition of the Premium badge on your profile.


What are Getcontact tariffs?


Tariffs are for users who want to search and verify many numbers every month. You can use tariffs to increase your enquiry and tag limits and to query your trust score. Review Getcontact’s tariff packages and choose the most suitable service plan for you.


Subscribe to Getcontact

Download Getcontact via Google Play or the App Store and start using it for number blocking, caller line identification, and taking measures against phone scammers.

To use the advanced features of Getcontact, subscribe here. You can renew in-app purchases weekly, monthly, or annually. To cancel, simply end your automatic payment 24 hours in advance.

Want to use Getcontact on your desktop device? Click here to learn how.


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